Brennus (4th century BC)

"Brennus and His Share of the Spoils" by Paul Jamin (1853–1903)

Brennus was a Gallic chieftain of the Senones who was famous for uttering the words “Vae victis!”, which translates to “Woe to the vanquished!” after capturing the entire city of Rome.

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Remember the Alamo this Memorial Day

One of the most gallant stands of courage and undying self-sacrifice which have come down through the pages of history is the defense of the Alamo, which is one of the priceless heritages of Texans and of all Americans. It was the battle-cry of “Remember the Alamo” that later spurred on the forces of Sam Houston at San Jacinto. Anyone who has ever heard of the brave fight of Colonel Travis and his men is sure to “Remember the Alamo.” Continue reading

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Giuseppe Garibaldi rose from modest beginnings to become one of Italy’s foremost military heroes. Born in 1807 in Nice, Garibaldi became a sailor, a merchant captain, and an officer in the Piedmont-Sardinia navy. In 1834 he fled to France after participating in an unsuccessful mutiny, fomented in part to spark a republican revolution in Piedmont-Sardinia. By 1836 Garibaldi was living in South America, where he gained fame as a revolutionary mercenary fighting in Brazil and Uruguay. Continue reading